The Expand Flag Stand XL outdoor Banner Stand is a stable, portable flag stand with a telescopic function, making it possible to vary the height up to 18' tall.  the simple construction with very few loose parts allows simple transportation and makes the product fast to mount and setup.

Tested on a flat surfaces with wind speeds up the Flag Stand XL can withstand winds to 26.8mph.  View Brochure

▪ Extra tall and Stable for outdoor use
▪ Base uses water bags or cast iron weights
▪ Telescopic flag pole that reaches up to 18'
Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

▪ Full Color Graphic
▪ Base & Poles
▪ 4qty Water Bags
Padded Nylon Bag

Width: 47 1/4"
Height: 10' and 15' - extends to 18' tall


Bag for Easy Transportation
The Expand Flag Stand XL is unique in its class, since it is very compact when folded. The Expand Flag Stand XL contains few loose parts, allowing it to fit into one single bag that is easy to carry with you. The weighted plates are transported separately to divide the carrying weight.


Telescopic Flag Pole

The Expand Flag Stand XL banner stand is supplied with a telescopic flag pole that you extend with a few simple operations. The flag pole is manufactured in anodized aluminum to resist corrosion from long outdoor use.

Expand Flag Stand XL Options.

Base with Weighted Plates
Four Weighted Plates easily push into place so you have everything you need for a stable and secure flag stand. Easy grip handles allow for simple handling

View Setup Instructions with Weighted Plates


Base with Water Bags
Attached and fill the four bags with water to make the flag stand even more stable.  The easy transport bag holds all four unfilled water bags.


View Setup Instructions with Water Bags

Expand Flag Stand Templates
Single Sided Print  
(10' 6")  47 1/4" x 126"
(15') 47 1/4" x 181" Template
Double Sided Print  
(10' 6")  47 1/4" x 126"
(15') 47 1/4" x 181" Template