The Expand DisplayTunnel outdoor display is an effective medium to attract attention at any outdoor event. This portable outdoor display is ideal for events and marketing campaigns in all kinds of environments.  It's unique spring construction allows the product to virtually unfold itself
once you take it out of the bag. When you are ready to
store it you pull it back together in a few simple steps -
it does not get any easier then this! 
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Spring Setup
The Expand DisplayTunnel contains a very powerful spring
sewn into the frame and unfolds automatically when you take it out of the bag. Once expanded, all that's left is to fit the fabric graphic over the tunnel and your done. No loose parts or tools required. 

Your image is printed on durable, flag, fabric that is stretched out to a completely smooth surface when the product is unfolded.  The graphic can be stored on or off the display. Durable Fabric Graphic

Width: 21 7/16"
Height: 22 13/16"
Length: 73 3/4"
Weight: Approx 15lbs



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