Mondo Outdoor Flagpole is ideal for outdoor events 

Large Graphic Area 
The Mondo Flagstand has a large graphic area and is printed with Photo Flag technology, which allows the image to bleed through the fabric allowing it to be seen from both sides when printed 1-sided.

A hard plastic tank that can be filled with water and an aluminum pole that swivels with the wind, providing maximum stability in windy conditions.

Easy Setup
The flag is attached at ground level and then each section of the telescoping pole is raised and locked into position.  Since the pole is made of aluminum, it is light enough to be raised by just one person.




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Mondo Flagstand Sizes and Templates
Single Sided Print  
(17")  47" x 162"
(23') 58" x 218" Template
Double Sided Print  
(17")  47" x 126"
(23') 58" x 218" Template