ExhibitForce is a flexible portal for information management and communications to every employee and client. The result is a system that brings together all of the resources in the organization to dramatically boost productivity.

The migration of static platforms to dynamic application is finally being realized in our industry. The future of technology in the exhibits and events programs should ultimately play a major role in helping corporate exhibitors understand and maximize the return on their events program.

Event Managers are trying to accomplish much more in far less time while the typical exhibit house still has the problem of converting data to usable, informative, accessible information. ExhibitForce has created the bridge of communication and information between both the corporate exhibitor and exhibit house, as well as, the corporate exhibitor managing their own events program. By streamlining information and inventory in a web-based application, you now have the power to access all event related information 24/7 as a collaborative group while reducing overall costs. 

ExhibitForce provides proven web-based applications that can further streamline the day-to-day tasks of event and exhibit management. There is nothing more important for our industry than to empower the corporate exhibitor with the tools and technology that can further enhance the event manager in determining value and profits from their events program.


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