The Podium Case is an easy-to-handle shipping Case  that can quickly and easily be turned into a spacious
counter. The Podium Case is a perfect for Mural Popup Displays and Fabric Popup Displays.  View Brochure

To create the counter, just open the box and put on the
accompanying wooden or optional aluminum top. The counter
has a unique shape and provides a large surface to gather
around at your event. Inside, there are detachable shelves
to hold your brochures, demo products and drinks.

Graphic Wrap
By adding a graphic wrap you can also use the front of the
case for extra exposure of your message or your logo and
add a finishing touch to your display.

Height:  39 9/16"
Width:  28 3/4"
Depth:  17 11/16"

Kit Includes
Expand Media Case with Wheels
Small or Large Wood Counter Top
Full Color Graphic Wrap

 Small Conversion                     Large Conversion

Expand Podium Case Templates
Podium Case Small Graphic
Podium Case Large Graphic Template