A variety of components gives you the flexibility to  use as Banner Stand, Hanging Display or Wall display or large Graphic Murals.  It's that flexible!

With It's slim design and modest footprint, this banner stand is the ideal marketing tool for branding, directing, recruiting or promoting no matter how small the space.
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Kit Includes
Display base
Top and bottom bars
Telescoping pole
Clips to attach graphic to base
Nylon carry bag
Full color graphic

Optional Accessories
50watt Light
Ceiling Clips - Single and Double Sided
Literature Holder - Letter and Legal
Wall Hanging Kit


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Flex Display Literature Holder
Flex Display offers a range of accessories to enhance your display.  With magnet clips, you can mount a literature holder on your display without damaging your graphic  View Literature Holder Setup

Flex Display Ceiling Clips
Use as a single or double sided floor stand or create a hanging display by simply attaching single or double sided hanging clips.




Flex Display Wall Hardware  
Create a wall hanging display by simply attaching single or double sided hanging clips using screws or double sided removable tape strips included with kit.



Wall Murals
Easy to setup and interchange Graphics.  The Flex Display banner stand can be customized
to fit graphics up to 82" wide or by using the simple connectors you can make large mural
displays.  The telescoping pole allows you to adjust up to 11' high.  
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Cross Base Flex Display
20" to 34" wide & up to 80" tall

Twin Base Flex Display
36" to 46" wide & up to 80" tall

XL Twin Base Flex Display
48" to 59" wide & up to 94" tall