Take the most unique fabric pop-up systems, combine it with SHEER graphics and the result is an ultra-sheik popup that makes your brand and or message POP!

With 3D SHEER fabric popup displays, you can create depth and imagery more in-tuned with environmental exhibit design and provide your designers with additional tools to drive your brand.  Create a more comfortable setting for face-to-face engagement at your next tradeshow or event. SHEER 3D fabric popups can be key components in environments by creating backdrops, space definition or vertical elements in your space design

The versatility of this frame allows you to change graphics easily to create a totally fresh display.  The Xpressions SNAP 3D Sheer is truly unlike any display.  3-D capability and a variety of fabric size options create a unique display and lasting impression.

The frame is shipped with the fabric skins fully attached.  The portable, lightweight frames makes your display setup in a SNAP!.  No tools or event labor required.
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Graphics and Specifications
Vibrant eye-catching dye sublimated fabrics. Xpressions SNAP fabric is flame-retardant with a U.S. NFPA 701 fire rating and it can be laundered.

Download Graphic Style Sheet
Download X Factor Graphic Guide

Size and Weight

Open Frame: 32.25"w x 94"h x 12.75"d
Closed Frame: 3.5"w x 7"l x 33.75"h
Total Kit Weight: 21lbs 


Sets up completely in seconds!
Lightweight / ultra portable
Black or silver frame available
Easily interchange graphics
No tools or event labor required

                     Xpressions SNAP Sheer 1x3 A

Kit Includes
1x2 quad Aluminum Frame
1x2 skin - One sheer, One regular
1x1 skin - One sheer, One regular
50 watt halogen light (soft case optional)
Shipping Case

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Display Setup
Lighting Installation

Xpressions SNAP Sheer Accessories

Hard Shipping Case Included in Kit

Light Included in Kit


Optional Case for Lights (not included with kit)